New in 2024: Learning Design & Technology


SUMMARY: The M.Ed. in Education, Learning Design & Technology concentration at JMU prepares students to use technology to enhance learning experiences across various contexts. The updated curriculum provides students with more creative and hands-on experience. Graduates lead positive change in education and beyond.

The M.Ed. in Education, Learning Design & Technology concentration program at JMU prepares individuals to purposefully use technology to support learning and enhance the learning experience in schools, workplaces, and other community organizations.

Students in this program are prepared to meet the diverse needs of learners for both K-12 and industry settings. They are encouraged to join nuanced conversations about what is appropriate for their context, especially in the time of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). The updated curriculum continues the program’s focus on designing educational materials and strategies that optimize learning. The revised curriculum also better addresses equity, diversity, inclusion, and the specifics of emerging technologies such as AI. The shift in the program is providing students with more creative and hands-on experiences. It better prepares students to be leaders and change agents.

The revised curriculum includes a new course on Critical Perspectives in Learning Design and Technology. This course helps students develop a critical perspective on the role of technology in education and society, addressing the social implications and challenges. It also includes a course in Artificial Intelligence in Education that explores how the advent of AI is both providing new educational opportunities and disrupting traditional learning. This course explores the future role of AI in a variety of learning contexts.

The revised curriculum includes a capstone project that provides students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned during their program to the workplace. During the capstone course, students develop a technology-based solution to an authentic learning problem. The program’s focus on hands-on experiences and critical perspectives prepares students to design effective learning materials and address the broader social implications of the technologies they utilize.

Graduates of this program become leaders within school districts, making decisions about the adoption of software and technology tools. The program’s emphasis on leadership within K-12 settings is evident as graduates take on roles that extend beyond traditional teaching responsibilities. Graduates also find positions in businesses, non-profit and government organizations where they create training modules, courses, and programs. Networking opportunities and engagement with professors also contribute to the program’s unique strength, fostering a community that values creativity, innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Learning Design and Technology graduates are ready to lead, create, and advocate for positive change in education and beyond. More information about earning your degree in the field of Learning Design & Technology at James Madison University.


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